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Optional Service Terms - Dynamic Discounting Credit Memo Creation Services

Dynamic Discounting Credit Memo creation feature on the Ariba Network is an Optional Service governed under the Ariba Network Terms of Use (Suppliers) and this Terms and Conditions document. These terms are only applicable to Suppliers who request early payments in countries that require credit memos for dynamic discounting. These Terms and Conditions do not apply to any Buyer. Defined terms used in this Document are as defined in the Ariba Network Terms of Use.

  1. Availability.
    The Ariba Network Fulfillment: Orders and Invoices online service currently provides dynamic discounting credit memo creation functionality, described in the Ariba Network Guide To Invoicing allowing Ariba to issue dynamic discounting credit memos on your behalf. Ariba creates dynamic discounting credit memos only when you have submitted the original tax invoice through the Ariba Network and your buyer has activated the functionality per country and the country matches that of the original tax invoices. Ariba Network determines the originating (From) country of the original tax invoice by first checking the VAT ID country prefix. If that isn't available, Ariba uses the country code associated with the "From address" on the invoice. If a supplier tax representative is used, the same logic is applied against the representative details. The content of the dynamic discounting credit memo depends on content You submitted on Your original tax invoice. Ariba Network only validates certain per country fields as specified in the Ariba Network Guide to Invoicing and configured by your buyer (e.g. VAT ID is mandatory).

  2. Legal Compliance.
    Ariba provides the dynamic discounting credit memo creation functionality described in the Ariba Network Guide To Invoicing using care to facilitate evidence users of these Services may need to make available to tax auditors or inspectors in certain countries to demonstrate the identity of the issuer of the invoice and the fact that no changes have been made to the invoice subsequent to its issuance and transmission. Ariba makes no representation as to whether the documentation or the service satisfies the applicable legal requirements regarding VAT or other such indirect tax, and hereby advises You to consult with Your tax adviser on such issues. Ariba does not guarantee the security of Invoice Data and Ariba will not be responsible in the event of any infiltration of its security systems, provided that Ariba has used commercially reasonable security measures to prevent any such infiltration. For purposes of clarification, this service shall not include confirmation of the accuracy of the actual Invoice Data entered by You.

  3. Security of Processes/Non-Receipt/Your Duties/.
    The terms and conditions specified in these Optional Service terms are applicable only to Suppliers that issue electronic invoices using the Ariba Network Fulfillment online service.

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